Monday, December 20, 2010

Bang for the buck


I have a Colt Combat Commander .45 with a Crimson Trace laser sight, but I haven’t carried it since we moved to Arkansas and my Indiana concealed carry permit expired. And I haven’t felt any strong desire to get an Arkansas permit, mainly because the .45 is just too heavy and bulky to carry comfortably.

And I haven’t seen a gun that I’d be interested in as a daily carry weapon.

Until Saturday, when we went to the local shooting range to pick up a gift membership that a friend bought for her husband.

One of the guys there showed us his .380 Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser sight. The gun holds 6 rounds in the magazine and one in the pipe and weighs a scant 9.4 ounces. It’s only 5.16 inches long and you can get a finger extension magazine like the one for the Walther PPK. And the price is amazingly attractive, especially if I can find a used example in good condition.

No, it doesn’t have the knock-down power of a .45. Hardly anything else does. But the .45 is pretty useless if it’s at home in a drawer when you’re out and about and discover you need a gun.

I used to have a motorcyclist’s grudge against Ruger because the company denied health insurance coverage to motorcycle-riding employees, but that issue got resolved years ago.

Giving it some serious thought…

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