Friday, December 03, 2010

Company’s coming

My stepson Austin and his girlfriend are most likely on the road by now, heading down from Indiana for an extended weekend visit.bam dec 3

Consequently, Maria took today off and we’re doing our grocery shopping to lay in supplies for the visit.

I hung in with her at Sam’s Club but begged off of the Kroger experience, opting instead to get some coffee next door at Books-A-Million. It’s the first time I’ve been in BAM in months, but nothing much has changed.

It’s sunny and warm and I’m tempted to go for a motorcycle ride as soon as we get home and get the groceries put away. I’m eager to run out the 8-month-old gas from the tank on the K75S and replace it with fresh fuel. I think the guys at Grass Roots put fresh gas in the tank, but I want to be sure before I throw fuel stabilizer into the tank and let the bike sit idle for extended periods.

Maria wants some cooking wine for the weekend – something you can’t buy in this dry county – so I’ll probably ride over to the Missouri bootheel and Mr. T’s.

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Rees said...

I love these rather benign, kind of voyeuristic bits of someone else's life. Don't know why exactly, but they make me feel more human. Thanks for that. : )