Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas past

channel master radioIt’s pretty primitive, compared with the cell phones and iPods we give our kids today, but this is the Channel Master transistor radio my parents gave me for Christmas in 1957. (It’s not the actual radio, of course. Just a picture of the same model.)

It was AM band only and had a substandard speaker and a single mono earbud speaker that lived in the little leather pouch attached to the strap on the leather case.

I thought it was about the coolest thing in the world because it opened up a whole universe of personal listening. On a good night, it could pull in stations hundreds of miles from my upstairs bedroom in Delphi, Ind. That was back when Randy’s Record Shop in Gallatin, Tenn. sponsored programming on WLAC in Nashville. I can still recall listening to Little Anthony and the Imperials doing “Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-ko Bop” on KOMA out of Oklahoma City.

I carried it with me on my evening newspaper route, shuffling down snowy Front Street delivering the Lafayette Journal & Courier while listening to WIBC in Indianapolis and thinking it couldn’t possibly get much better than that.

But it did, didn’t it?

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