Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stein of the Day


This lidded half-liter stein celebrates the Schnitzelbank Song.

It’s a somewhat complicated song that, like many other things, gets harder the drunker you get.

Here’s what has to say about it:

If you look up the definition of a “Schnitzelbank” you will see it described as a wordworking tool used in Germany in the olden days. Translated it means “carving bench”.

The Schnitzelbank is also the name of a popular song that was originally written by Germans in the late 1800’s. It was originally designed to teach children German, but today is commonly used as a drinking song at bars and parties.  It is also considered the International Friendship Song.

The song itself is made up of 16 different items that are sung about. These items can be anything you want and usually rhyme. The most common items and most traditionally sung are kurz und lang, hun und her, kreuz und quer, scheiss gewehr, wagen rad, krumm und grad, grosses glas, ochsen blas, haufen mist, schnickel fritz, dicke frau, fette sau, langer mann, tannenbaum, hochzeits ring and gefarliches ding.

Schnitzelbank Poster

Schnitzelbank posters are available with pictures of these items to help you sing along. They are also a fun thing to have hanging on your wall in your party room.

Here are the lyrics to the traditional version of the song:

Ist das nicht eine Schnitzelbank?
Ja, das ist eine Schnitzelbank.

kurz und lang
hin und her
kreuz und quer
krumm und grad
grosses Glass
Haufen Mist
dicke Frau
fette Sau
langer Mann
gefaehrliches Ding

O - Die Schoenheit an der Wand - Ja das ist eine Schnitzelbank.

Ist das nicht mit einem freundlichen Gruess?
Ja das ist mit einem freundlichen Gruess,
Ist das nicht interessante News? (noos)
Ja das ist interessante News…..

freundlicher Gruess, interessante News, gefaehrliches Ding, Hochzeitsring…
Oh - die Schoenheit an der Wand, ja das ist eine Schnitzelbank.

And here is how it is supposed to sound. In this case it’s dubbed over a video from Rammstein. Let’s all sing along…



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