Friday, February 05, 2010

I hate those meeses to pieces

totenmaus We suspected a mouse or mice in our garage and we were right.

This little guy, a permanent look of surprise on his pointy face, couldn’t resist the peanut butter on the trap atop the plastic tub holding 30 pounds of sunflower seeds for our bird feeder.

(The headline, by the way, is a quote from the 1958 Hanna-Barbera TV cartoon series called “Pixie and Dixie.” P and D were mice and their nemesis was a cat named Mr. Jinx who uttered those memorable words at least once in every episode. You can read all about it here. )

I dumped the dead mouse into the trash can for interment in a sanitary landfill sometime next week. There will be no visitation or services.

I’m starting to run out of steins for my Stein of the Day feature and have been wistfully scanning Ebay for additions to the collection. Nothing new yet.


Lauri Shillings said...

I wondered when you were going to run out of steins.

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