Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pete: Stoned, immaculate

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I took both dogs in to the vet to get their teeth cleaned this week.

Ruthie went yesterday and today was Pete’s turn.

Since dogs aren’t about to sit still for this process, they knock them out. Ruthie seemed OK when I picked her up yesterday afternoon, but Pete was a different story.

He didn’t seem particularly pleased to see me when I picked him up and he was downright mopey and sullen in the car. He just sat with his back to me, leaning up against the passenger seat backrest and stared vacantly out the window.

I found myself wondering what horrible thing they had done to break his spirit.

When we got home and I released him into the back yard, it became apparent that he was still buzzed from the general anesthetic.

Hours later, he seems to be back to his old playful, responsive self.

That’s a huge relief. I’d hate to think he was harboring a grudge over what happened at the vet’s today.

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