Wednesday, February 10, 2010

iPod decisions


I’m edging sideways in a crablike Cancerian fashion toward ordering a 64GB iPod Touch from

And, since they offer free engraving, I’m chewing on what to do with my two lines of engraving space.

I don’t have any favorite quotes that rise to the level of wanting them engraved on the back of an iPod, so my name and point of contact is the logical choice.

When Maria bought her 80GB classic iPod about three years ago, she had them engrave her name and home phone number on the back. In less than a year’s time, the Thorntown, Ind. phone number was a thing of the past because we’d moved to Arkansas.

Being mindful that things change, sometimes very quickly and unexpectedly, I think I’ll just go with my name and my Gmail email address. I realize something could happen that would drive me away from the Gmail address, but it’s the closest thing to a stable contact point I have, so I guess I’ll gamble on it outlasting the iPod Touch.


Tim said...

How about: "Godlike"

Tim said...

How about: "On the road again"

The Oracle said...

I also considered "Humbly Magnificent," but finally settled on my name and Gmail address.