Monday, May 09, 2016

Yard work

We had a productive day yesterday, taking care of neglected yard work.

We cut down a bunch of shrubs in front of the house a few weekends ago and left the cuttings to dry. We raked them up yesterday and piled them on an unwanted stump near the driveway and torched them.

Then the real fun began.

Maria has hated a scraggly cedar tree in our back yard ever since we moved here in 2007 and we took it down yesterday. I also chainsawed several limbs of other trees that I've had to duck for when mowing the lawn. And we accomplished all of this without encountering any snakes, which made me very happy. We did, however, inadvertently destroy a mourning dove nest in the cedar tree that had a couple of eggs in it.

I was shocked at how little stamina I had after all of this. My blood pressure registered 93/63 which could be an alltime personal low. My BP has been trending down over the past couple of years and the doc told me to back off of the Lisinopril if I felt light-headed. I did and I reduced the dosage this morning.

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