Wednesday, May 04, 2016

56 days and counting

As I sit here waiting for the appliance repairman to come and fix our ice maker, it occurs to me that this is the 56th day my K1200GT has sat at Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles in Cape Girardeau, Mo., waiting for a fully functional starter relay from Germany.

It also occurs to me that I have been very patient. So far.

I just pre-registered for the European Riders Rally in Burkesville, Ky. later this month with the realization that I may or may not have my bike back by then. If the bike isn't ready, I am prepared to go by car.

If further occurs to me that some of my less-sanguine friends would be crazy with rage by this time, vowing to anyone who would listen that they will never, ever buy another BMW motorcycle again.

I am not to that point. Yet.

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