Friday, May 06, 2016

Day 58 without my K1200GT

I just got a call from Dave, the senior technician at Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles, saying the starter relay promised by BMW in Germany has not arrived and their computer system indicates it's not in the pipeline, even though someone at BMW Motorrad in New Jersey said it was shipped from Germany earlier this week.

That said, Dave is confident that the one they received a couple of weeks ago can be made to work by adding a jumper that completes the circuit for the lights - the one shortcoming of the latest relay. He said they tested the idea by connecting a couple of wires and everything worked fine.

I told him to go ahead and add the jumper and bang on it a bit to make sure everything works properly and I'll plan to come up tomorrow and pick up the bike. And if a fully functional relay ever does show up, call me and I'll come up and have it installed.

Kudos to Dave and his crew, curses to BMW in Germany.

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