Sunday, May 01, 2016


This is the cover of this month's issue of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America's official magazine.

It features a project bike that converted an old R100RT into a cafe racer with about $10,000 worth of Wunderlicht parts and accessories which will be raffled off at the BMW MOA rally in July.

It has generated a minor storm of controversy on social media because of the clueless-looking girl astride the bike. Critics point out she is in no way dressed to ride - silly shoes, capri pants, flimsy jacket and no gloves. She gets points for eye protection and a helmet, but that's about all. No mention is made in the magazine of who she is or why she was chosen to be photographed by Bill Wiegand, the BMW ON managing editor. My guess is she's the girlfriend of one of the builders.

There's another silly looking photo inside.

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kdye said...

What's embarrassing was the ensuing fallout on the MOA facebook page!