Monday, October 05, 2015

Problem solved

lexus windshield

The rubber gasket around the windshield on our Lexus RX330 has a nasty habit of coming loose.

This is particularly unnerving at high speeds when it suddenly begins flailing around like a big black snake.

When a technician from Safelite came to our house a few years ago to fix a chip in the windshield, I asked if he could fix the gasket as well, but he advised me it would involve removing the windshield and re-seating it.

I raised the issue again this morning with Chris at Gateway Tire where I was getting an oil change and lube job on the Lexus. He referred me to 4-Star Liberty Auto Glass where this guy knew better.

He cleaned the gasket on both sides of the car, then glued it down with the same adhesive they use to secure windshields.

And he did it for free.

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