Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sean’s studio is famous

Willamette Week loves Sean’s Rock & Roll Bed & Breakfast recording studio. Hell yes, I’m proud!rnrbnb-willcorwin

Sean Flora at The Rock n Roll BnB

IMAGE: Will Corwin

The Rock n Roll BnB (Northwest Sauvie Island Road, 971-275-6795, definitely has the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern recording studio—a clutch of high-end microphones from Neumann and Sennheiser, preamps by API, and a vintage Hammond organ. Sean Flora, the studio’s owner, has an impressive résumé to boot, with engineering credits for work with the Shins, Stephen Malkmus and Cake to his name. But what makes the Rock n Roll BnB special is the view. Situated on Sauvie Island, Flora’s residential recording operation has been gaining acclaim both regionally and nationally as a go-to getaway for musicians who want to get lost in the Pacific Wonderland and live free of distraction for as long as they’d like. When they come to record, they just stay there, amid tree-lined paths and a patio-top grill. “It was such a great way to work that it always stuck with me,” says Flora, who worked with the legendary White Horse studios in the ’90s, and has more recently put in work at Larry Crane’s Jackpot Studio in Southeast. “You’re working and you’re in the head space and you don’t have to commute or leave. It’s definitely more efficient—people work better this way and get more deeply into it because there aren’t the distractions. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s a beautiful place to be.” PETE COTTELL.

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Alejandro Lujan said...

I haven't had a chance to peruse your blog postings in quite some time, so forgive me for commenting on an older post...
I know Sean is an accomplished bass player, and was very curious abt the make/model of the gold top bass behind him in this photo. It appears to be an Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass, but I wasn't sure. Any chance you could ask him for me? I'd be curious to hear how he likes it, as I've been considering picking one up...

Many thanks,