Wednesday, July 01, 2015

July 1 report

library waiting

Here’s our view from the Lexus at 2:22 a.m. today while we waited for Morgan and her coworkers to arrive at the library, returning from a conference in San Francisco.

They showed up about 2:35 a.m. and we were back in bed by 3:30 a.m., getting up for the day about 9 a.m.

I got a call from one of our commercial building tenants yesterday reporting that an air conditioning unit was running constantly and icing up and that a pothole in the parking lot has reached hazardous dimensions.

I called out fixit guy and he acknowledged receipt of the message, but he apparently couldn’t get an HVAC technician there yesterday. They called again this morning to say the AC was still wonky and they now have a problem with one of the toilets.

And when I logged into my Amazon Vine Program account this morning, I was required to submit an IRS Form W-9 so the evil federal government can tax the value of free items I receive for review purposes.

Never a dull moment.

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