Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hot weather consequences

no weatherI charge my iPhone overnight on my bedside table and I reach for it and my reading glasses when I wake up.

The Weather Channel app is one of the first things I check.

This is what I saw at 8 a.m. I got the same result after I connected with our home Wifi.

The Wifi signal was at its usual strength, but there was no internet data.

And the Sprint signal was noticeably diminished, down to three dots of 1x where I’m used to seeing three dots of 3G service.

I can only suppose that the cable internet outage caused an unusual number of Sprint customers who use the nearby Sprint cell tower to use their phones to access the internet, hogging the bandwidth.

I’m not surprised at the outage. The cable TV signal was off and on for awhile this morning as well. A Fusion Media technician told me a few weeks ago that extreme temperatures – high or low – play hell with the network because of the expansion and contraction of components in the infrastructure.

The internet service was restored about noon and we noticed a Fusion Media guy and his truck at the southwest corner of Pine Log Road and U.S. 49 when we went in to town for lunch.

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