Friday, July 10, 2015

Landlord stuff

tampon toilet

The north half of our commercial building in downtown Jonesboro is occupied by the Justice Network, a firm that works as a liason between the courts and offenders.

There are two restrooms in their part of the building – one for clients just off the waiting room and the other for employees back in the office area.

The toilet meant to be used by clients hasn’t worked properly since we took ownership of the building and the tenants didn’t seem particularly concerned. They just locked the door and told the clients that there were no restroom facilities for them.

But the employee toilet started having problems late last year and has required the attention of a plumber on two or three occasions. It happened again this week, and this time the plumber snaked deep into the system.

He finally found what caused the problem with both toilets – some vengeful idiot flushed 50 unused tampons down the client toilet. Fifty, for God’s sake!

And a new circuit board is on order for one of the air conditioning units.

I’m now waiting for a paving contractor to respond to my message about filling a couple of chuckholes in the parking lot.

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