Thursday, July 02, 2015

Loving the big pedestal fan

porch fan

When I requested this honking big 30” commercial pedestal fan from the Amazon Vine Program earlier this year, I had no idea what a cool move I’d made.

But the advent of hot weather and its attendant smothering high humidity made its value very clear.

I felt sorry for our Aussies last week because they spent many hours a day lying on the concrete floor of the screened back porch, panting in the 100º+ heat index temperatures. The ceiling fan is on its last legs and barely rotates, but it was never very efficient at cooling the porch anyway. I brought the dogs in for a few hours a day, but had to confine them to their kennels because I couldn’t let them have the run of the house.

When the big fan arrived a few months ago, I assembled it in the foyer just inside the front door, not wanting to lug the 80-pound monster around the house. That’s were it stood for a few weeks until I used one of our hand trucks to cart it off to the garage where it took up an awkward amount of space.

Taking pity on the dogs – by last week we also had Morgan’s bulldog and red heeler – I wheeled the fan onto the porch and set it up at the west end near the electrical outlet. I fired it up and was astounded at how it overcame a heat index of 101º and transform the porch into an island of pleasant coolness.

I had worried about dogs gnawing on the power cord, so I supervised its use for the first few days, but none of the dogs seemed interested in being electrocuted. So now they face the prospect of a summer of comfort and we get to use our porch in weather that would have previously kept us indoors.


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