Friday, February 06, 2015

Still amazed by the Bang & Olufsen headphones

b&o in bed

Here I am, at 2:20 a.m. today, exploring my iPhone music library with my new Bang & Olufsen H8 Bluetooth headphones while lying in the darkness in bed.

If someone had told me there could be headphones that would make every song in my more than 11,000-song library sound fresh and new, I wouldn’t have believed it. And if they told me I would own such a fabulous pair of headphones, well, I would have dismissed it out of hand. This time last year I was asking my musician sons to recommend a good set of ‘phones under $100.

So far, four other Amazon Vine program reviewers have evaluated the H8s and the verdict is a unanimous five stars.

My review is informed by a life of listening to all kinds of music with average to cheap consumer grade speakers and headphones, so it’s pretty subjective. It’s gratifying to see that reviewers with serious audiophile credentials are blown away with the H8s as well.

One guy who edits video and audio headlined his review with “Near perfect headphones!” and gushed, “Over the years I've product-tested close to a hundred headphones from $20 - $1000 and thanks to B&O I have a new favorite!”

So, educated ears or not, I guess I know a killer set of headphones when I hear them.

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