Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Saving the FedEx driver a slippery trip

We got a dusting of snow overnight and awoke to another day of sunny and cold weather.

En route to the post office, I found the downhill grade from our subdivision to the main county road was so slick that the Lexus’s antilock brakes couldn’t stop me before I reached the pavement. Fortunately, there was no traffic coming, so I let it slide until I was on dry asphalt.

I was expecting a large package from the Amazon Vine Program via FedEx and wondered if a FedEx truck could make it up the slope. I wasn’t sure my car could handle the icy incline and was prepared to go hang out in town and hope some melting occurred. I was also concerned that the FedEx driver might get hurt trying to mount our ice-buried front steps.

So I was happy to see the FedEx truck pull into the post office parking lot right behind me.

After she hauled a bag of packages into the post office, I told the driver I had a package reported “out for delivery” and asked if it might be on her truck.

She checked and handed it over, expressing gratitude and relief at being able to avoid our subdivision’s icy entrance.

Coming home, I punched the ECT button and was pleasantly surprised to see the Lexus chug up the slippery slope without a problem.

Emboldened by my newfound mobility, I’m going to take Dora to the vet for a routine exam this afternoon.

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