Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Staying put

lexus shifterThe sun is out in a cloudless sky, but the temperature is only 22º, so the snow-dusted crust of sleet isn’t melting to any significant degree.

I say not to any significant degree because the sun causes a little bit of sublimation in which the snow and ice turn into water vapor, but it’s negligible.

Unfortunately, the roads are still mostly covered with the sleety glaze, making it necessary for me to activate the ECT feature on my Lexus RX330. I have no idea what ECT stands for and haven’t found an explanation in the voluminous owner’s manual.

As far as this Hoosier in exile is concerned, the most dangerous thing about the roads is the unskilled winter drivers who seem astonished when they get in over their heads and slide into oncoming traffic or a ditch or tree.

The Weather Channel web site forecasts a Friday high in the mid-30s and a very melty high of 50 on Saturday, accompanied by a 100 per cent chance of rain to flush this stuff away.

As miserable as cold rain is, I’ll take it rather than freezing rain.

In the meantime, I have no further travel plans for today.

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