Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sorry about the blog. I’ve been busy.

I think it was Maria who shot this rather flattering photo of me around noon last Monday as we worked out the final details before the wedding of Austin and Megan at Dull’s Tree Farm east of Thorntown, Ind.
All told, we shot more than 3,000 images and I’ve spent several hours since we got home on Tuesday night sorting and editing and posting representative shots to Facebook and, since yesterday, to my Flickr account so the kids can have a slideshow of sorts to run in the background when they open their wedding gifts later today.
As I write this, they’re en route from Atlanta, by way of Chattanooga, to their Indianapolis home.
Now, I need to burn everything to a set of DVDs and send them off to Austin and Megan to do with as they will.
I also spent a few hours Friday shampooing the living room rug and it appears no permanent damage was done when Jack barfed on the carpet over the weekend. I also sucked up enough blue merle dog hair to make a second version of Dora. At one point, it almost choked the Bissell ProHeat 2x Cleanshot machine.

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