Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Next to godliness

clean k1200gt

It must be the weather or the approaching Falling Leaf Rally or maybe just craziness, but I washed my 2003 K1299GT this afternoon.

This is only the second time I’ve washed it in the seven years we’ve lived in Arkansas, the first time being June 10, 2013.

To be truthful, it was just a light wash and hardly a detail job. I was never one for spending a lot of time cleaning motorcycle wheels, so the best they can expect is a good rinse.

And, of course, it will all be undone in the first .2 miles on our gravel subdivision road which we were told would be paved once the last lot in our subdivision was sold. But then the developer opened up a second section where another four homes have been built and more lots remain unsold, so it doesn’t look like we’ll see pavement for another few years.

Now I can go back to feeling guilty about not washing the 1994 K75S. Yet.

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