Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Getting re-tired

I'm at Gateway Tire this morning, buying a replacement for the left rear tire on our Lexus RX330 that went flat 14 miles east of Kennett, Mo. Yesterday afternoon.
Thanks to Morgan for her invaluable assistance and Maria for waving traffic into the left lane.
So far, the bill stands at $225 for a new tire, but there is also an as-yet unresolved brake rotor problem.
We were about 90 minutes from home, returning from Austin and Megan's wedding in Indiana on Monday.

Later: The total charge was $228. They were too busy to deal with the rotors, but assured me it was no big deal and to bring the car back in a few days when they weren't swamped.
BTW, Maria said she saw two dead black snakes near where she was standing - about 20 yards behind the car - but she was thoughtful enough to not mention it until we got back on the road.

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