Monday, June 23, 2014

Unexpected blogging inspiration


I’ve been uninspired about blogging for the past couple of days.

I didn’t post anything yesterday. I rode down to Panera this morning and set up my netbook in hopes that something would pop into my head worth posting.

But nothing came, so I packed up my stuff, rendezvoused with Morgan to get reimbursed for a payment we made for her to a rug cleaning firm yesterday, put the money in the bank and rode home.

We bought a couple of rose bushes at Lowe’s on Saturday and I parked them on the front porch where they would be out of direct sunlight until we can plant them. Maria suggested I soak them in buckets of water, so I figured that would be a good thing to do about 20 minutes ago.

But as I approached the front porch, I noticed a telltale tail curved around the base of one of the porch columns.


I went back into the house via the garage and shot this photo through a dining room window with my iPhone. Then I opened and slammed the front door to create a vibration the snake could sense, since they don’t have ears.

He started flicking his tongue and did a U-turn, slithering off the front edge of the porch into the bushes. I estimate he was about 3 feet long, which according to what I found on the Internet, is about right for an adult Western Rat Snake. (Black with a white belly.) They’re non-venomous, but from my perspective they are definitely not non-creepy.

But at least it got me un-stuck for blogging.

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