Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dog abusers

We went to the Farmers' Market this morning.
We left Dora at home. She was fine when we were able to carry her, but when we put her on a leash she freaked out at little kids darting around and grabbing at her.
One of the things we like about the Farmers' Market is that lots of people do bring their dogs and we always enjoy meeting nice dogs and dog people.
There was a family there today who had a happy little border collie on a leash. We stopped to chat and the dad said she was a rescue from the Humane Society that they paid $150 for, but were looking to get rid of because they live in town and don't have room for her to play outside safely.
The little girl, probably 10 or 11 years old, said the dog used to sleep with her, but the dog tore up her stuffed toys.
"We beat her with a belt and now she don't go in my bedroom," she announced proudly.
The dad said he wants to get $150 for the dog so he can "rescue" another, less troublesome dog.
Maria offered to take her off his hands for free on the spot, but he declined.
She told him we'll be at the Farmers' Market next Saturday if he doesn't find a buyer by then.
I don't think this family needs another $150 so they can abuse another dog.

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