Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Freezer update

Our 15.8 cubic foot Maytag freezer is back in service this morning, having been defrosted for the first time in 19 months.
The Lacrosse wireless temperature monitor I got from the Amazon Vine Program quit working several months ago, so I didn’t realize just how much the freezer’s performance was being compromised by the build-up of ice on its back wall until Maria went to the garage to retrieve some hamburger and found it cool, but far short of properly frozen.
I unplugged the freezer and let it thaw with the door open for a few hours while I tinkered with the temperature monitor transmitter. Turns out the humidity in the garage caused corrosion on the battery contacts. Once they were scraped clean, the device came back to life.
Although it continues to relay ambient temperature in the garage, humidity in the garage and freezer internal temperature via a probe, the one-year subscription that came with it has lapsed and it no longer sends alerts to my cell phone if the probe temperature rises above the freezing point. Consequently, I logged into the Lacrosse website and gave them $11.88 to renew the subscription for another 12 months.
But now, almost 24 hours after the transaction was completed, the Lacrosse people haven’t done the upgrade to my account and aren’t answering my calls.
It can never be easy, can it?
I left a voicemail with Lacrosse and when I returned from errands in town, found a message that the upgrade was now working. And it is.

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