Thursday, June 26, 2014

Four years later…


I perceived a need for bifocal sunglasses in 2010 while riding to the BMW MOA rally in Redmond, Ore.

I was tired of squinting to try to read my GPS display and during a layover at Sean’s place in Portland after the rally, ordered a pair of Dr. Dean Edell bifocal shades with a +2.00 magnification from

They were spot-on and I reveled in my ability to better use my GPS and SiriusXM radio.

But they only lasted about a month.

I was getting ready to ride home from Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles in Cape Girardeau, Mo. on Aug. 16 when the left temple cracked as I put them on under my helmet.

Happily, I soon found DeWalt makes bifocal safety glasses in clear and dark models and they have flexible rubber frames. I bought a pair of each and continue to use them – especially the clear ones – for working around the house and for night rides.

I also found some stick-on bifocal patches that work fine with the Wiley-X Jake sunglasses friend Charlie gave me that had been left for lost at his pharmacy some months earlier. I have them stuck to the insides of amber lenses, which gives me a very agreeable view.

Which brings us to this afternoon when I went to Sam’s Club for a couple of prescriptions. Wandering around the store, I came across the display pictured above. The price of $19.88 for a package of two pairs of bifocal sunglasses (they call them Sunglass Readers) looks like a pretty good deal if they don’t fall apart.

I may buy some as a backup to my DeWalts and Jakes to take with me to the BMW MOA rally in St. Paul, Minn., next month.

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