Saturday, January 04, 2014

Waiting for snow and cold


I was not surprised to learn this afternoon that my 68-year-old nervous system is not calibrated for Chuck E. Cheese’s.

We journeyed to the kiddie restaurant today for the fourth birthday part of Morgan’s boyfriend’s daughter. It was perfect for a little kid and I enjoyed watching her having fun, but it sure felt good to walk out of there into the relatively quiet parking lot.

Friends and family in Indiana are hunkering down for what could be the biggest winter event since the Blizzard of 1978. The forecast here is for an inch or two of snow followed by the coldest temperatures in 15-20 years.

Being expatriate Hoosiers, we’re not worried. We can bundle up and wait it out. But it’s a sure thing that the schools will be closed because they aren’t designed to stay warm in such cold weather. Ditto the school buses with their wimpy heaters. Ditto the kids, many of whom don’t have warm winter clothing.

In other news, it appears that Dora is in heat. Our first clue was this morning when we noticed Jack was in a state of high arousal. Naturally, this occurs on a weekend.

I’ve been putting off taking Dora in for spaying, but it looks like we’d better get it done Monday morning.

A litter of Jack and Dora puppies would be a joy but:

  1. She shouldn’t breed until she’s a couple of years old and
  2. Our cash flow can’t accommodate the vet bills for a litter of puppies right now.

So it goes.

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