Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Updating a blogpost from 10 years ago

Ever play the "degrees of separation" game? The one where you figure out how many acquaintances separate you from someone else - usually famous.
One degree would be someone you've actually met and spoken with. Two degrees would be someone they've met, and on and on.
Like, for instance, there are four degrees of separation between me and Adolf Hitler: My German friend Irmi (1 degree) is the daughter of a seamstress (2 degrees) who did personal work for Eva Braun (3 degrees) who, of course, was the eventual wife of Hitler (4 degrees).
So here's what comes to mind at the moment:

Former Ind. Gov. Mitch Daniels (1 degree)

Former Ind. Gov. Otis Bowen (1 degree)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1 degree)

The Beach Boys (1 degree)

Natalie Cole (1 degree)

Buckminster Fuller (1 degree)

Doreen Tracey (original Mouseketeer)(1 degree)

Jazz Saxophonist Rick Margitza (1 degree)

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe (1 degree)

Arkansas Atty. Gen. Dustin McDaniel (1 degree)

Penn Jillette (2 degrees)

Carlos Santana (2 degrees)

George W. Bush (2 degrees)

Chick Corea (2 degrees)

Tony Blair (3 degrees)

Vladimir Putin (3 degrees)

George H. W. Bush (2 degrees)

Dan Quayle (2 degrees)

Ronald Reagan (2 degrees)

Margaret Thatcher (3 degrees)

The Beatles (2 degrees)

The Rolling Stones (2 degrees)

Nat King Cole (2 degrees)

Walt Disney (2 degrees)

Michael Eisner (2 degrees)

Billy Graham (2 degrees)

Willie Nelson (2 degrees)

Barbara Mandrell (2 degrees)

Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger) (2 degrees)

Bob Dylan (3 degrees)

Tom Petty (3 degrees)

Roy Orbison (3 degrees)

Donovan (2 degrees)

The Who (3 degrees)

Queen Elizabeth II (3 degrees)

Prince Charles (3 degrees)

Princess Diana (3 degrees)

Weird Al Yankovic (2 degrees)

Hermann Göring (4 degrees)

Heinrich Himmler (4 degrees)

Albert Speer (4 degrees)

Josef Göbbels (4 degrees)

Tom Brokaw (2 degrees)

Jim Davis (creator of Garfield)(1 degree)

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