Friday, January 24, 2014

The battle of wits continues

dora fence I wish Dora had waited for warmer weather to begin this battle of wits.

Maria and I labored in sub-freezing temperatures yesterday afternoon to close her latest escape tunnel and head off more digging in the immediate area. Fortunately, we have plenty of logs from the tree we had cut down a couple of months ago, so we are prepared to extend the barricade as needed until we can effect a more lasting remedy.

In the meantime, she’s spending less time outside and is under constant surveillance while in the back yard.

She and Jack seemed fixated on something in the woods last night. When I scanned the area with my tactical LED flashlight, I saw five or more pairs of eyes lit up and looking back at me. I couldn’t tell if they were coyotes or deer. I certainly don’t want my dogs tangling with coyotes. Jack could probably take care of himself, but they would probably make a meal of Dora.

Time to put new batteries and a fresh memory card into the trailcam and see what’s out there.

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