Friday, January 31, 2014

Sorry postal workers, it was FedEx’s screw up

reddick door

I withdraw my unfounded accusations that the post office mis-delivered my package on Wednesday. I jumped to a conclusion and now apologize.

I went to the post office this morning and the postmaster and clerk put the FedEx tracking number into their system multiple times and each time they failed to find any record that the package had been delivered to the post office, which is how I expect Smartpost to work.

They suggested that FedEx never delivered the package – containing an electric fence charger, purchased to dissuade Dora from tunneling out under the back yard chain link fence – to the post office and urged me to contact FedEx.

The FedEx database says the package was delivered to my front door at 9:01 a.m. on Wednesday.

It was not.

At my request, a woman with the Jonesboro FedEx office called me and then queried the driver who handled my package.

She reported the driver couldn’t find our address, so he guessed at it and left it on the front porch of the house across our cul-de-sac. So why didn’t our neighbors see it and call us? Because they do all of their to-ing and fro-ing through their garage door and only rarely use their front door.

After checking the front doors of two other houses, I finally found the right one with my package sitting where the FedEx driver left it two days ago.

I dropped by the post office this afternoon to acknowledge the mistake was not theirs and to thank them for their efforts.

Part of the confusion arose from the fact that the 22-digit tracking number began with 9, which is usually an indicator that it is to be delivered to the post office used by the recipient.

Whatever. Mystery solved. Now I can move on to other matters, like figuring out how our LLC and our downtown office building purchase will affect our taxes.

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