Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saved our bacon. And brisket, and ribs, and salmon…


The Lacrosse Alert wifi sensor I got from the Amazon Vine Program several months ago saved us again yesterday.

Beginning a little after noon, I started getting notifications on my iPhone that the temperature in the garage freezer was climbing. By last evening, it had reached 27 degrees and showed no signs of dropping, so I went to investigate.

The door was firmly shut and sealed, but when I opened the door I noticed the light didn’t come on.


Turns out something caused the garage circuit breaker to trip and judging from the  data collected, it happened sometime early in the afternoon, probably the result of a power surge associated with the heavy rain and thunderstorms that passed through here.

We have several hundred dollars worth of meat in the freezer, including some really choice brisket, ribs and turkey breast from a Texas barbecue place that Steve and Nicky caused to appear on our doorstep this week and it would have been a tragedy if it had spoiled.

This is the third time this Lacrosse sensor has alerted us to a freezer problem – twice because the circuit breaker tripped and once because the door had not been properly closed.

A very handy device indeed!

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