Saturday, December 07, 2013


lexus garage

The wipers on the Lexus froze in mid-stroke yesterday morning while struggling against sleet and freezing rain.

I tried to thaw them out with a hairdryer but to no avail.

So I cleared a space in the garage last night, scraped enough ice from the windshield to see where I was going and humped the car over the frozen sleet-drift in front of the garage door to bring it inside for the night.

I’m about to fire it up and see if the wipers work or if the motor is burned out. I know it didn’t blow the fuse, because the driver’s side blade continued to twitch after they stopped making full sweeps.

The Subaru’s doors were frozen shut last night, but I hope sitting in the direct sunshine will thaw the driver’s door today.


LATER: The defrosted wipers are working. Unfortunately, Maria forgot to turn off the dome light in the Subaru Thursday night when she went out to retrieve her cell phone, so the Subaru battery is dead and the hood is sealed shut with ice. Hoping the sun helps us out so we can get a jump start.

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