Thursday, December 19, 2013

Food? What food?


We feed our dogs once a day, in the morning.

Unlike Jack and other dogs we’ve had, Dora doesn’t wolf down all of her food at once. She prefers to revisit her food bowl several times during the day and sometimes goes to bed at night with something left in the bowl for a late night snack.

But she doesn’t want Jack or any other dog staying with us to know she still has food, so she takes great pains to cover it with the old beach towel she keeps in her kennel.

Sometimes she’s a little sloppy and some of her kibble gets dumped out onto the bedroom carpet. If it doesn’t get cleaned up later in the day, she’s likely to wake us in the middle of the night with the sound of scrabbling around in her kennel, trying to reach as much of the kibble as possible by poking her tongue through the bars.

Aussies can be quirky dogs and covering her bowl is a pretty cute quirk.

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