Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Keeping score


I’m still using the Automatic driving monitor, plugged into the Lexus RX330’s data port, for a month now.

I drive sensibly, so it hasn’t improved my gas mileage noticeably, but being a gadget geek, I love having all of this data at my command.

Here’s the log from last week, which included a Saturday trip to Memphis for Boscos Mug Day. It was the highest-mileage week of the month. At 25.6 mpg, my car is delivering optimum mileage for a week of city and highway driving. That’s just 6 tenths of a mile better than the EPA rating for the car.


Here’s the data for the return trip from Boscos. I lost points for a couple of aggressive stops and for less than a minute over 70 mph, but I still got 29 mpg for the trip.


The Automatic app on my iPhone 5 got updated recently and added this Daily Scores feature. Compared with other Automatic users, I guess I’m doing okay.

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