Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No easy money here

curly20131230_0003A friend inherited hundreds of Beanie Babies from her collector parents that, according to the Beanie Babies Collector’s Guide, are worth hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars.

She offered me a deal to list and sell them on my Ebay account for a percentage of the profit, so I went to her house last evening and photographed eight of the most desirable, according to the book.

I got around to researching them on Ebay this afternoon – looking at completed auctions going back three months – and discovered the bottom has apparently dropped out of the Beanie Baby market.

I couldn’t find a single instance where anyone paid as much as $10 for one of the Beanies I photographed and the vast majority of offerings went unsold.

I know she’s over the moon with excitement about the treasure trove she inherited, so my challenge is to gently let the air out of her balloon.

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