Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Saying goodbye to my ‘94 Honda del Sol. What a fun car it was!


My beloved 1994 Honda del Sol and I are parting company after 19 years and more than 225,000 miles.

It was a sweet little car – a hardtop convertible two-seater with spectacular handling and a killer sound system.

I bought it new in ‘94 from the former Dan Young Honda on East 96th Street in Indianapolis and enjoyed every mile since.

It was remarkably low-maintenance. I had the transmission rebuilt around 60,000 miles, replaced a couple of mufflers under warranty and put a new radiator in a couple of years ago. I put in a new battery last spring, but haven’t driven it since and am putting a charge into the battery this morning. Other than that, it’s been mostly just oil changes and new tires.

It’s taken my son Steve and me to the Colorado high country, Maria and me to Florida once and me to Florida solo and I once drove it to Long Island and to eastern Pennsylvania.

The del Sol is heading back to Indiana where I hope it will be appreciated as much as it was while in my care.

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