Friday, November 08, 2013

Fresh and clean


I cleaned the living room carpet this morning for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was filthy and had pet stains in several places, and
  2. I had to evaluate and review a new Bissell/Febreze cleaning solution for the Amazon Vine Program

I got the 60 ounce bottle of Bissell Deep Clean+Refresh formula a couple of bissellforumlaweeks ago, but was unable to give it a thorough test because a valve on my Bissell carpet cleaning machine was hopelessly gunked up from being allowed to stand for several weeks with solution in the tank. A nasty gummy sludge precipitated out of the solution and gummed up the valve to the point where I had to get a new one from the Bissell folks before I could use the machine again.

Happily, the new valve worked perfectly this morning and I shampooed the bejeezus out of the carpet. The machine scrubs up little lint balls that look a bit like woolly worms – you can see a couple of them in the photo.

As you might expect, the Febreze makes the carpet smell nice and fresh. I’ll know more about stain removal after it dries completely and I run over it with the vacuum cleaner, but for now it looks pretty good.

Now, I’m off to Gateway Tire to have them check out the right front tire on the Lexus which has been leaking air.

And, of course, I got a call from one of our commercial tenants telling me that one of their three heating units isn’t working.

Never a dull moment, et?


LATER: Turns out both front tires were dangerously worn, so I got to replace them for about $470. Ouch!

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