Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hiding a favorite dog toy

dishwasher bone

We have a couple of knobby bone-shaped dog toys that our houseguest Weimaraner Liese really really likes.

She likes them so much that she has gotten into snarling barking clashes with Jack over them and has taken to hiding them. I found one next to the toilet in the guest bathroom a day or two ago.

I opened the dishwasher to load some dirty dishes this morning and found this (see pic).

Just to be sure, I asked Maria if she put the dog toy into the dishwasher. She laughed knowingly.

Jack isn’t interested in hiding stuff and Dora, while she hides her food bowl under a towel when she thinks another dog will eat what’s in it, lacks the strength and agility to open or close the dishwasher door.

Dogs never stop amazing me.

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