Friday, November 01, 2013

Good day sunshine

k75s workout

Today has been a busy one and sorta productive.

I’m supposed to be evaluating some Bissell carpet cleaning solution with Febreze for the Amazon Vine Program, so I vacuumed the bedroom, fired up the Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet shampooer and went to work.

The problem was that the cleaning formula (read soap) wasn’t getting out of its tank and onto the carpet, except when I pressed the button to squirt a concentrated stream on a trouble spot.

After several minutes of troubleshooting with a Bissell service rep, we determined that the problem was the valve on the solution tank that was hopelessly gummed up because the last person to use the machine (my stepdaughter) didn’t empty the solution tank and the cleaning solution precipitated out a gooey sludge that clogged the valve.

The carpet is still cleaner than when I started, but nowhere near as clean and fresh as it would be using just hot water.

I ordered a new valve for $8.61 and will take another shot at it when the part arrives in 5-7 business days.

And after lunch, I threw my gym bag into the right saddlebag of my K75S and cruised down to the St. Barnards Health & Wellness Center for a thorough workout on treadmill and weight resistance machines.

Now I think I’ll take my iced tea and go sit on the back porch with my dogs.

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