Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday morning and our guests have gone

reich war flag

Austin and his fiancé Megan and Megan’s parents, Mike and Kim Gill, and their four happy little dogs left a few minutes ago to drive home to Indianapolis, via Mr. T’s for booze and Lambert’s in Sikeston, Mo. for lunch and throwed rolls.

It was the most company we’ve entertained in the nearly six years we’ve lived here and we had a wonderful time.

I was inspired to pull out most of my Third Reich collection last night, including the two big boxes full of flags. Austin helped me display them.

reichs service flagThat’s a Reich War Flag in the top photo and a Reich Service Flag in the lower picture. The Reich Service Flag is the largest one in the collection and measures 10 feet on the short side. My son Steve and I once ran it up the flagpole at his elementary school early on a Sunday morning to see how it looked.


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