Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday morning stuff

starbucksjuly19I’m at the newish Starbucks on Stadium Avenue, having ridden the K75S into town to pick up insecticide and a prescription at Walmart and some documents for Maria.

The coffee is free this morning, thanks to Starbucks’s offer of a free 12 ounce coffee for an empty bag of their coffee. Now that we have a real Starbucks in town, I may never throw one of their bags in the trash again.

If I were a hard core ideologue, I would be very conflicted about patronizing Starbucks. They have gone on record as encouraging patrons with permits to bring their guns when they come for coffee, but their CEO recently proclaimed he doesn’t want your business if you don’t support same-sex marriage. What’s a pro-Second Amendment Catholic to do? I just come for the coffee, not the politics.

I’m itching to blog about the circumstances surrounding Maria’s departure from the Sun, but the timing is not right. Stay tuned.

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