Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My day so far

lighteyesI was all set to mow the lawn right after lunch. I backed my K1200GT into the driveway to give the mower a free path out of the garage and I arranged the garden hose and utility trailer accordingly. Then I put my in-ear monitors in so I could listen to my iPod while mowing.

But the mower battery was dead, so it was all for naught.

So I hooked up the battery charger and resolved to pressure wash the back porch, which Dora has turned into a dog toilet.

Even though the temperature was in the 80s, it was insanely humid and that turned into a miserable sweaty job. I left it to air dry and drove in to town for a few minutes on the Spinalator machine in my chiropractor’s office – something that seems to be helpful in restoring proper circulation to my vagus nerve and reversing my diabetic gastroparesis.

And now I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and my free birthday pastry at Panera.

And I’m sure I’ll find fresh Dora poop on the porch when I get home.

Were it not for the unscheduled departure of my wife from the Sun, I would be somewhere on I-5 right now, riding from Portland, Ore. to Redding, Calif. or somewhere near it. And tomorrow night I would sleep in Monterey, the northern gateway to Big Sur and my favorite motorcycle road in the world.


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