Friday, July 26, 2013

Hosed by the Chinese

dead hose

I’m a member of the Vine program and, as such, receive products to read, watch, taste, or use for the purpose of writing a review.

I was invited to join the program in June, 2009, and over the years I’ve received and reviewed more than 50 products ranging from a pasta maker to an impact driver to several books, a floor steamer, and most recently the 75-foot Rumford
Gardener Expanding Hose (Lime).

The worst rating you can give a product on is one of five stars. That effectively says you hate it. More than half of the 377 reviewers gave this product one star. So did I. Here’s what I wrote:

Considering that the majority of reviewers hate this product, I figured it might not last long when I put a nozzle on it and screwed it onto my driveway spigot to give my motorcycle a wash.
It did that creepy snakelike expansion thing when I turned the water on and, as expected, was long and light handling as I walked around the bike wetting it down.
I gave the bike a good soaping and was almost done with that process when I heard a "pop" and saw the hose had blown out a seam about 10 feet back from the nozzle. It didn't even last long enough for me to rinse my bike.
So I hooked up my cumbersome (but indestructible) old school heavy-duty Walmart hose and finished the job.
The Rumford Gardener Expanding Hose went into the trash can.
The Chinese must find the thought of thousands of us cursing their workmanship to be highly amusing.
I am not amused.

The photo shows the hose in the bottom of my trash can. If I had paid the $59.95 list price for this thing, I would be livid.

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