Monday, July 22, 2013

Scanning memories


The 50th anniversary reunion of the Delphi High School Class of 1963 is coming up next month and I volunteered to scan classmates’ photos for an electronic slideshow for the event.

I did this for years for the Indianapolis BMW Club’s annual awards banquet, so the process is second nature. The trick is to get a decent balance of as many people as possible so it doesn’t look like it features one clique over everyone else.

I was the chairman for the 30th anniversary reunion in August, 1993. Here’s a planning session with (from left) Vernon Cripe, me, Juanita Lane Stickrod, Nancy Cheesman Simmons, Marsha Alberts Rossetter, and Nina Shaw Kibler held June 20, 1993 at Vernon’s house in Delphi.

By the 1993, the building on Monroe Street where some of us went to school from grades 1-12, had been demolished, but the freestanding gym, with cafeteria and band room, was still there.

Previous reunions had been held at a local park, a restaurant near Monticello, and at the Carroll County Country Club.

I decided it was time to revisit the scene of our misspent youth and arranged to have the 30th anniversary reunion in the old cafeteria, with dancing down on the gym floor. We knew the school board would never approve the serving of alcoholic beverages, so I let it be known that we’d drink the way we did in high school – serving ourselves out of our cars in the parking lot. What could they do? Expel us?

It was the first time most of us had been back in the building since the evening of May 27, 1963, when we marched out with our diplomas in hand. I like to think it was a great success, but maybe some would disagree.

At any rate, the 35th was back at the Country Club and the 40th was in the spiffy new Wabash & Erie Canal conference center. I missed the 45th, which I think was at the Country Club. The 50th will be at the VFW hall.

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