Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting rid of a big-ass freezer

freezer03It’s time for the big Imperial commercial freezer to get out of our garage.

A friend gave it to us back in October, but we can’t use it because it requires a 20 amp circuit and our garage is wired for 15 amps and it’s not worth rewiring the garage for. Besides, the service guy who checked it out and gave us the bad news about the amperage issue opined that it’s an energy hog and would cost us about $1 a day to operate.

So we bought a smaller, more energy efficient freezer from The Home Depot which turns out to be plenty big because we have yet to fill it.

Our friend then planned to give it to someone else, but the intended recipient finds himself in the middle of a major family crisis and our friend’s trailer is loaded with railroad ties and thus not available to freezer transport, so she told us this evening to just sell it and keep the money.

Consequently Maria cleaned all of the stupid magic marker graffiti off of the front and side and I photographed it for an ad on Craigslist that will go live tomorrow morning.

I’m waiting until tomorrow morning because I don’t want to be hassled with calls tonight. These things go fast, so I expect it to be gone by this time tomorrow night.

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