Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twitchy bank

I guess I should be grateful, but my bank’s anti-theft software is a little too twitchy for my taste.

I decided to save a check and use my debit card to pay the Safelite guy after he installed a windshield on the Subaru at our house yesterday afternoon. He made multiple attempts, including calling the card numbers in to his home office, but it wouldn’t fly, so I ended up writing a check anyway.

Later that evening, my card was declined when I tried to pay for dinner at a local restaurant.


Fortunately, Maria’s card was not declined so we didn’t have to wash dishes to pay for our meal.

I called the bank first thing this morning and learned that the Safelite charge was refused and the card was locked because it was too big ($242???) and out of state (the billing site is at a Safelite facility in Ohio). So, what if I had actually been in Ohio and wanted to buy something costing $242? It would have been declined?

I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t need to buy anything expensive when I was in Las Vegas in July or in Indianapolis and Colorado a couple of  months ago. I think they need to work on their algorithm and come up with something a bit more sophisticated.

Or they could dump it altogether. After all, that’s why we have LifeLock.

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