Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New specs

My eyes needed a break from contact lenses this week, which forced me to wear new glassesmy glasses, which I freaking hate.

I hate them because the graduated multi-focal design puts the magnification I need for computer work so far down toward the bottom of the lenses that I have to tip my head up to an unacceptable and painful degree in order to see a computer monitor.

In that regard, they are the worst glasses I have had since I started wearing eye correction in the third grade.

I had a newer prescription, issued in August of last year, that I never had filled because I was too cheap.

Well, being cheap will only get you so far. I decided today that I was long overdue for new lenses and frames, so I went down to Lens Masters at 320 S. Church St. in Jonesboro and plunked down $417 and change for the specs in this photo.

I suppose I could have gone down to Walmart and got their “two pairs for $99” deal, but being able to see well is important and you get what you pay for.

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