Saturday, October 22, 2011

As practical as unicorns on treadmills

Ever since I first laid eyes on the wind turbines west of Palm Springs, Calif., I’ve been captivated by the idea of wind-generated electricity.

The wind farms of central Kansas fascinated me as I rode past them on I-70 four years ago. It was an exciting new concept and it seemed like free energy to me. I thought anyone who opposed wind energy was a fool.

I had fallen into the liberal trap of letting my emotional response form my opinions on the issue. I thought it looked cool and bought into the seductive notion that wind farms would quickly pay for themselves and bring down the price of electricity with no damage to the environment.

And I was excited that Nordex, a German wind turbine company, chose Jonesboro as the home of its North American manufacturing facility.

Turns out, like most emotional-based arguments, it can’t stand up to the facts.

This video lays it out.

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