Friday, October 14, 2011

Maria’s 1994 BMW K75S


Maria doesn’t ride much these days so the duty of keeping the bike running and the battery charged falls to me and I love it.

This bike is a blast to ride – quick, powerful and nimble. It’s definitely my choice for running errands around town and day rides in the country.

The low profile Bridgestone tires are 10 years old. They have plenty of tread left, but aren’t as grippy as they once were. I’ve got a new set of tires in the garage. I’ll put them on some weekend when my friend Charlie is available to help me with his No Mar tire changing equipment.

The bike has a custom paint job from the wizards at Holt BMW in Athens, Ohio. The color is “acid green” and, as far as I know, this is the only ‘94 K75S in the world with this paint job.

That’s my HJC FS-15 “Terror” helmet on the seat, but it could just as well be Maria’s, since she has one just like it.

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